Agistment Services

Agistment Rates


Agistment can be provided for broodmares on long term stays or for the season. During the season special care is given to those new arrivals (foals). Their legs and feet are checked regularly by our farrier to ensure any problems are treated as early as possible. Every care is taken to ensure that the mare is happy with her paddock mates.

Dry Mares $27.50 incl per day

(Seasonal $30.80 incl per day)

Wet Mares $29.70 incl per day

(Seasonal $33.00 incl per day)


Spelling $29.70 per day (Spelling under 14 days $36.30 per day incl) Individual paddock $33.00 per day

Horses can be accommodated in paddocks of their own or with others. There is a choice of terrain also, without compromising the pasture that your precious ones can feed on.


Colts can be accommodated either on their own or with others, without fear of fillies spoiling their play!

Colt Spelling $33.00 per day incl

Weanlings & yearlings

Accommodated with others of the same age.

Weanlings and yearlings $29.70 per day incl


Horse Crush

We provide a service for ensuring your mare has the best chance of conceiving. Mares that are difficult are of special interest to us. We have 24 hour on call vet service provided by Hunter River Veterinary Services. Peter Tabak, principal, is available to us at anytime of day.


We are only too pleased to provide you with a cost for your requirements. For more information contact us

Our feed truck with Max directing



Two feeds, morning and evening with hay provided. Improved pasture ensures the horses ample intake of fresh nourishment also.

Special Feed

We can provide any special requirement for feeding your horse.

Foaling down

Debbie and I have personally foaled down all mares on the farm for the last 7 years. You can know within 30 minutes what your mare has foaled for you if you so wish, no matter what the time of day!!!

Foaling fee $660 incl

Foot Issues

We provide specialist care for horses with any foot issue. We have experts available for diagnosis and on going care. Laminitis issues are treated with the urgency they deserve.

Mares under lights

We put dry mares under lights that assists them in cycling early at the beginning of the season. This is an optional service that is provided to the owner at their request.

Mare under lights $44.00 per day incl

Post operative care

We provide after treatment recovery programs for most horses. colic care, bone chip removal, bandage changes, etc.

Boxing $66.00 per day incl


Pretraining is restricted to the use of the horse walker and is ideal for the horses first 4 weeks in work.

Horse Walker

Walker from the paddock $44.00 per day incl Walker from box $55.00 per day incl


All horses can be rugged at the owners request.

Sale preparation

We prepare for all sales, including weanling, yearling and broodmare.

Walk on facility

We are situated in an area that ensures that mare owners are able to see their charges without a long drive to the Hunter (11/2Hrs from Sydney). We can provide a service that allows access and proximity to stud farms to ensure safe covers of mares (11/2hrs or less from most studs.


Weaning is done in blocks of around 6 at a time, ensuring first class attention for each foal.

Weaning $660 icl